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Are You Protecting Your Customers And Employees Properly? Until recently, the XMICROBE™ Technology has been used primarily in textile manufacturing and was marketed very little to business owners. However, in the last three years awareness by business owners for the need to protect the public and their employees from dangerous bacteria and microorganisms has been fueled by the media, with headlines like the ones below. Fast-Food Ice Dirtier Than Toilet Water What Can You Catch From Public Restrooms? Shopping Carts Are Dirtier Than Most Public Washrooms Hotel Guests Leave Plenty Of Germs Behind Are Hospitals Hazardous To Your Health? Your Workplace Can Leave You Feeling Ill Dirty Dining? ‘Dateline’ Hidden Cameras Investigate Cleanliness of America’s Top 10 Fast Food Chains Watch Out For Germs At Cosmetic Counters Pet Owners Worry As Dog Flu Spreads Across U.S. Now, more and more business owners realize that they need the Healthier Environment Living Program™ providing that needed protection to the public and their employees! So what’s the solution… Protecting your Business from harmful Microorganisms like H1N1 (swine flu) Staph Infections, MRSA, Influenza and Mold, just to name a few, is easier than ever using the XMICROBE™ Technology. But you have to take a different approach to managing the environment inside your business! And the Healthier Environment Living Program™ is just what you need! It makes complete sense to take a “holistic approach” to determine what kind of germs, bacteria, viruses and microorganisms are present in your business before determining what type of actions are needed to keep your business as germ and bacteria free as possible. And your local IASQ™ Indoor Air and Surface Quality Certified Inspector Professional will do just that! Before any “solutions” are recommended, air and surface sampling will be conducted in order to determine what type of issues that you face in your business. As soon as the test results are back from the EPA Certified Laboratory, your local IASQ™ Indoor Air and Surface Quality Certified Inspector Professional will sit down with you and go over the test results. Based on the test results received, a custom solution will be designed for your business. You see, protecting your business from dangerous bacteria, mold and mildew is easier than ever with XMICROBE™ unique antimicrobial technology. The XMICROBE™ Technology offers an antimicrobial protection that works every minute of every day with just one simple application and it’s affordable and long-lasting. XMICROBE™ Technology creates a durable bond to the surfaces of your business preventing further growth, spreading of bacteria and cross-contamination. Over 25 years of research and development went in to the creation of the XMICROBE™ Technology that is used in the Healthier Environment Living Program™. So who is using XMICROBE™ Technology? XMICROBE™ Technology is used in a wide variety of Industries for many different applications. For example… Sports Industry - Schools, Colleges, Professional Sports Teams Food Industry - Wholesale Clubs, Food Processing Facilities, Restaurants Veterinarian Industry - Animal Clinics, Equestrian, Horse & Dog Tracks Transportation Industry - Camper Sales, Car Sales, Refrigerated Trucks Real Estate Industry - Home Sales Hospitality Industry - Hotels, Cruise Lines, Resorts Healthcare Industry - Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers, Doctors Offices Marine Industry - Boat Cushions Entertainment Industry - Theaters, Concession Stands, Concert Halls Construction Industry - Mold & Mildew Re-mediators, New Home Construction And Many Many Others… What to Applicate? Institutional & Municipal Classrooms, walls, ceilings, floors, desks, chairs, computers, keyboards, phones, audio-visual equipment, wrestling mats, locker rooms, foot gear, helmets, sports equipment, bleachers, facilities, outside walls & sidewalks, HVAC systems, filters, medical centers, food service areas, gyms, arenas, concession stands, vehicles and buses. Commercial & Industrial Keyboards, phones doors, vending machines, carpets, walls, railings, upholstery, equipment, toilets and restrooms, food service areas, cafeterias, conference rooms, HVAC filters and systems, chairs, cushions, dining areas, reception areas, outdoor lawn equipment, building exteriors, sidewalks, driveways, boats, autos, RV’s, camping equipment, trucks, trailers, and pallets. Hospitality Facilities, bathrooms, shower curtains, vinyl wall covering, carpets, bedding & ticking, bed linens, bedspreads, computer keyboards, phones, remotes, front desk, conference areas, HVAC, filters, room AC units, ventilation systems, exterior walls, base board & window areas, housekeeping carts and laundry room area. Healthcare Emergency room floors, walls and ceilings, wheelchairs, EMT equipment and vehicles, reception area chairs, desks, tables, upholstery, privacy curtains, beds, rails, call buttons, medical devices and equipment, bed linens, touch points, TV remotes, keyboards, crash carts, gurneys, uniforms, scrubs, housekeeping carts and equipment, and air filters. Food Industry Processing equipment, shopping carts, ice machines, trash containers, walls, ceilings, floors, pallets, touch key pads, computer keyboards, transportation vehicles, high touch areas, pass through doors, coolers, chillers, HVAC systems, filters, clean room walls, floors, ceilings, lab areas, employee break areas, vending machines, phones, intercoms, dining tables, carpets, dumpter areas, high odor areas, sidewalks and entry ways. Construction Hardwood, plywood, drywall, window treatments, joists, concrete, masonry, roofing tiles, cedar shakes, carpeting, cupboards, closets, HVAC systems, under sinks and countertops, tub and surround enclosures & backings, wall coverings. Can be applied to painted or treated surfaces that are color safe. XMICROBE™ Technology has undergone extensive independent laboratory testing and has a long 35 year history of safe use. It is registered with the EPA for all applications in which it is used. Protect your Business and all who are involved in it by calling an IASQ™ (Indoor Air and Surface Quality) Certified Inspector Professional that will offer Healthier Verifications™ and XMICROBE™ Technology to work for you Today! The EPA has stated that any disinfectant that offers kill claims against Influenza A. will kill the H1N1 virus. Our CleanSeal Pre-Treat has such claims. Call today to have one of our CleanSeal Certified Inspector Professionals come to your home or business and offer long term protection. Get more information about the H1N1 from the following web sites: EPA http://www.epa.gov/oppad001/influenza-disinfectants.html CDC http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/ USDA http://www.ars.usda.gov/2009H1N1/ Video: Germs on the Job! Protect Yourself with XMICROBE Long Lasting Protection VIDEO: Are You Working with Dangerous Germs? “The Early Show” Takes a Closer Look at Germs Lurking in Its Workplace. Watch this amazing video and then read on as we show you how to eliminate harmful germs, bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew from virtually any surface and keep it off with our Long Lasting XMICROBE Products and Services! CBS) About 600 schools have shut their doors already for a period of time this flu season due to an outbreak of the H1N1 virus. With the trend expected to continue, school closings will almost certainly exceed last spring’s total of 700 - despite federal officials recommending at the beginning of the school year that schools stay open and not disrupt normal activities for the pandemic. Every day this week in the United States, there were more than 200 schools closed due to H1N1. And the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed 19 deaths from H1N1 complications among children in the latest reporting week, the biggest weekly number yet, and brining the total to 114. It was the second straight weekly spike. So, parents are facing a dilemma: What if the virus hits your youngster’s classroom or school? Do you send a healthy child to class, or keep him or her home? Dr. Holly Phillips supplied some answers on “The Early Show Saturday Edition.” She advised that you make sure the sick kids are home and there are no symptomatic kids still in school. Keep kids home at the first sign of illness. Parents are on the frontline and are going to make the biggest difference in this national health emergency, Phillips says, adding that, by keeping kids home at the first hint he or she may have H1N1, you’re protecting them and others. And that, she says, is how we’ll keep our schools open. What about when your child is healthy but you learn someone in their class or school has H1N1? That’s a tough call, Phillips admitted to “The Early Show Saturday Edition co-anchor Erica Hill. “The best thing to do is communicate with the teachers and the school staff to make sure the sick kids are at home and they’re staying home, and also there aren’t children with symptoms still in the classroom.” After-school activities may actually pose a greater risk of H1N1 transmission than school hours, Phillips points out, because kids are in closer contact, playing sports, in locker rooms, socializing, etc. Touching and breathing are a breeding ground for the illness. If your child is on a play date, don’t hesitate to ask other parents questions if you suspect any of their friends is displaying possible H1N1 symptoms. It’s better to be safe than sorry, Phillips says. Typical first signs of H1N1 include fever, body aches and a runny nose; coughs come a little later. Halloween presents a unique challenge, Philips admits, so parents should make sure trick-or-treaters follow the usual hygiene rules, by washing their hands frequently, perhaps using a hand sanitizer, and trying no to cough on someone else or get coughed on. Phillips noted an encouraging sign: There’s no negative word on the safety of either the H1N1 vaccine or the one for this year’s seasonal flu. The CDC reported some mild allergic reactions, along the same lines as what is seen with the regular flu shot.
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