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The Less The Kids Are Sick, The Happier The Parents Are! Are The Kids In Your Childcare Center Still Getting Sick In Spite Of Your Best Efforts To Follow The Established Protocols For Cleaning And Disinfecting? If so, you’re not alone! Thousands of kids across America are getting sick every year from germs, bacteria and microorganisms they pickup in their childcare center. And you know what; in the majority of cases it’s not the childcare center operators fault! You’re using the cleaning and disinfecting products that are recommended, but in many cases that doesn’t solve the problem completely. Here’s why; once you have cleaned and disinfected the surfaces in your childcare center, they are immediately re-contaminated when the kids or employees with germs on their hands touch those cleaned surfaces. And when the kids get sick, this causes trouble for the parents because mom or dad has to stay home from work. Not only do the parents lose money or vacation time when they stay home, they also fear job loss due to their absenteeism. In this economy, with lots of people unemployed, parents don’t want to miss work too often because there are plenty of other qualified people to take their place! So when the kids are constantly sick from “bugs” they picked up at the childcare center, parents get upset (and rightfully so). And the sad truth is, many parents will go ahead and bring sick kids to the childcare center because they absolutely cannot miss work. Now the rest of the kids (and your staff) who were not sick, are exposed to germs of a little one who is (which can cause employee absenteeism in your own business, costing you even more money). And when the parents feel that the kids are sick to often, they are inclined to move their kids to a different childcare center, thereby causing you a loss of revenue! Another problem with using the standard cleaning and disinfecting products is they can be harmful to the person applying them and to the environment. And in many cases workers are mixing several different cleaning chemicals and if they aren’t careful, toxic fumes can be produced. So what’s the solution? The real solution is to take a different approach to managing the environment inside your childcare center! And the Healthier Environment Living Program™ is just what you need! It makes complete sense to take a “holistic approach” to determine what kind of germs, bacteria, viruses and microorganisms are present in your childcare center before determining what type of actions are needed to keep your facility as germ and bacteria free as possible. And your local IASQ™ Indoor Air and Surface Quality Certified Inspector Professional will do just that! Before any “solutions” are recommended, air and surface sampling will be conducted in order to determine what type of issues that you face in your childcare center. As soon as the test results are back from the EPA Certified Laboratory, your local IASQ™ Indoor Air and Surface Quality Certified Inspector Professional will sit down with you and go over the test results. Based on the test results received, a custom solution will be designed for your childcare center. Your custom solution will definitely include an antimicrobial treatment with Healthier Environment Living Program™ trademarked XMICROBE™ solution! You see, protecting your childcare center from bacteria, mold and mildew is easier than ever with XMICROBE™ unique antimicrobial technology. Our XMICROBE™ Technology offers an antimicrobial protection that works every minute of every day with just one simple application and it’s affordable and long-lasting. XMICROBE™ Technology creates a durable bond to the surfaces of your childcare center preventing further growth, spreading of bacteria and cross-contamination. Protect the children in your facility and ease your mind as XMICROBE™ Technology works to control Microbial growth. The antimicrobial treatment is perfect for: Sleeping mats Bathrooms Kitchens Cribs Toys Changing tables Offices Play areas Door handles Computer desks What will the XMICROBE™ Technology do for Your childcare center: XMICROBE™ Technology continuously fights the growth of microbes that make the kids sick! XMICROBE™ Technology protection makes the surfaces in your childcare center easier to clean and keeps them cleaner in between cleanings. XMICROBE™ Technology is applied to porous and nonporous surfaces and is difficult wash off! XMICROBE™ Technology is engineered to provide continuous antimicrobial protection for an extended period of time. Why is using XMICROBE™ antimicrobial treatment better than using poisonous chemicals to keep your childcare center cleaner and more germ-free? Conventional cleaning products penetrate living cells and kill by way of poisoning or chemically altering the organism. They are designed to act quickly and dissipate quickly to avoid adverse affect humans and animals due to their toxic ingredients. Most commercial antimicrobials used for treating building services do a good job of killing some bacteria and fungi, although most of them have a limited spectrum of effectiveness. And heavy metal-based antimicrobials, such as silver ion may leach into the environment and lose their effectiveness over time. But XMICROBE™ Technology takes a totally unique approach. It provides long-term control of growth on treated services. The surface itself is actually modified to make it to antimicrobial active. Plus, the XMICROBE™ Technology assists in preventing Biofilm build up. Biofilm build up on an irregular surface accumulates over time and offers a difficult to clean surface with a microbial food source. But the XMICROBE™ Technology reduces the Biofilm build up making the surface easier to clean with no microbial food source! You’re probably wondering how the XMICROBE™ Technology works, so check this out… XMICROBE™ Technology is a patented, EPA registered revolutionary new product. And it prevents the growth of an amazingly wide array of bacteria, mold, mildew, algae and yeast. XMICROBE™ technology acts like a bed of microscopic spikes that pierces the cell walls of microbes. This is a totally new approach to providing long-lasting antimicrobial protection. XMICROBE™ Technology is unique. One end of its molecule creates a strong bond with a multitude of surfaces, porous and nonporous, forming a highly durable protective coating. The other end of the molecule forms a microscopic bed of spikes that punctures microbes like a bed of nails. XMICROBE™ Technology physically ruptures the cell walls of these microbes, without the use of poisons. Since XMICROBE™ Technologies methodology is mechanical instead of poisons, it does not create “Superbugs,” which are microbes that build up a resistance to treatment. XMICROBE™ Technologies molecular spikes are long chains of atoms that are large enough to pierce the cell walls of various microbes. Being only about 1000 the diameter of a human hair, they are too small to harm large cells in mammals. These chains of atoms carry a strong positive charge that attracts negatively charged bacteria. XMICROBE™ Technology has been found in independent testing to be effective against a wide array of microbes, including Staphylococcus arias, E. coli, various Salmonella strains, black mold, athletes foot, influenza A., skin infections, and many others. Here’s the bottom line… If you want a cleaner, healthier childcare center, with less sick kids and happier parents and employees you need XMICROBE™!
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