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TriSeal Totally Clean...Totally Green What Is It?...and How Does it Work? TriSeal is applied by one of our professional representatives and is completely EPA compliant Non-Toxic Non-Hazardous Non-Carcinogenic & Non-Flammable and totally safe for adults, children, the elderly, and pets. TriSEAL HAS NOW BEEN PROVEN TO REMEDY THE DANGEROUS AND HARMFUL EFFECTS OF "CHINESE DRYWALL" As a preventative treatment in new construction, TriSeal can (and should) be applied to all vulnerable and exposed materials during construction. However, in established homes or commercial buildings TriSeal can be applied after the fact to almost any and all indoor surfaces, including: *Interior Walls (Drywall or Painted surfaces) *Indoor Brick, Stone, Wood, or Cement *Wallpaper & Wallcovering Adhesives Ceilings *Under Carpet ,Vinyl & Wood Flooring *Behind Walls & Cabinetry *Kitchens & Bathrooms *In Attics, Basements, & Crawlspaces *Metals *INTERNAL HVAC Systems *NEW AND WATER/STAINED CARPET *Even on Raw Construction Materials TriSeal even Replaces the Need for Paint Primers! TriSeal is also highly recommended for use following FIRE or FLOOD DAMAGE to ELIMINATE Microbes and ALL ODORS! Once applied, any dangerous agents resident on these surfaces are neutralized by the TriSeal protective shield forever...that's right forever. Your home owner's insurance might not protect you but TriSeal does with our written 10 YEAR WARRANTY included with every interior treatment performed. TriSeal isn't new. We have treated many thousands of U.S. homes and workplace environments following water damage, fire damage, and the thousands of toxic bacterial, viral, and fungal threats imposed on our everyday life, ridding these structures from heightened risk of Asthma, Respiratory Disease, and Skin and Eye irritations due to exposure to these toxic dangers. And, by the way, we have never had a claim of failure of our product...not ever! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Is My House Clean!” The growth of dangerous MOLD and other toxins is NOT a reflection on you, your housekeeping, or your cleaning habits. Mold grows in two primary places...where it cannot be reached, and where it cannot be seen. Mold thrives where there is MOISTURE, generally in places you can’t or don’t want to explore . . . like crawlspaces, inside your HVAC system, behind walls, and under carpet & flooring materials. These are the natural breeding ground of a host of hazardous microbial strains, in places where they spread like “wildfire” without detection. Molds continually release potentially toxic spores and gases, and their associated odors, into the air inside your family’s home, causing headaches, nose bleeds, recurring allergies, respiratory problems, and potentially much worse consequences . . . Even in the Cleanest Homes! Mold can also be a serious financial threat, preventing you from selling your home if discovered in a normal pre-sale inspection, delaying real estate transactions and closings and costing you thousands in unanticipated remediation costs. ________________________________________________________ TriSeal is a permanent preventative and post-infestation solution applied by certified professionals withguaranteed results. We use only totally “Green” products and processes to ensure that the problem is eliminated or terminated...and we back our service with a written 10 Year Warranty. Don’t risk a family member or Child‘s health...a TriSeal professional will inspect those “dark” places in and under your house and provide a low cost preventative and/or neutralizing treatment shield to rid your home of the threat, and ODORS, these nasty intruders impose on healthy and clean living environments. TriSeal can be applied on raw, treated, or painted indoor surfaces including: 10 Year Warranty *Drywall *Raw Wood *Ceilings *Sheetrock *Brick *Bathrooms *Plaster *Wallpaper *Basements *Stone *Crawlspaces *Under Carpet, Wood, *Wall Tile *Foundations & Vinyl Flooring As an added benefit, TriSeal permanently eliminates all ODORS, including Smoke, Mold, & Bacteria caused by Fire or Water Damage! TriSeal can be applied on outdoor surfaces with a full 5 Year Warranty such as: *Raw or Painted Wood *Brick *Stone *Vinyl Siding *Cement *Attached Decks
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