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Trying to make a healthy environment for kids during the flu season can be a challenge. Kids are very susceptible to germs and bacteria, as you may know. You’re common cleaning products are challenged more now a days, especially with so many deadly virus out there. The parents of Excel Gymnastics were very concerned about their children going out and being around many other children with these possible viruses. The parents were aware that the gym had a cleaning service come in every week, but they still didn’t feel comfortable with their cleaning methods, they felt they needed something stronger. The parent of a gymnast that goes to Excel informed the owner of a product that kills viruses and bacteria, and is safe for the environment. The name of the product is Xmicrobe, killing all viruses and bacteria on contact and will last up to 90 days. On December 8, 2009 World Class Property Services sprayed our gym including mats, beams, bars, inflatables, and pit, before it was sprayed many surface samples were taken around the gym showing high levels of germs. Two weeks later, after the gym had been sprayed more surface samples were taken proving that Xmicrobe had killed many of the germs the parents were concerned about. We plan to continue our contract with World Class Property Services to keep our kids healthy with Xmicrobe.   

From Excel Gymnastics and Cheer  in Lawrenceville, Ga     



Every year during the flu season I would struggle to keep my family healthy. In 2004 I was attacked by the flu, I had a high fever, aches from head to toe, chills, nausea, headache, coughing and a throat so sore that permitted me from being able to swallow the smallest amount of water. Every following year during the flu season I would worry and pray that no one in my family would get sick especially me, because when mom is down the whole house suffers. I met Mr. Gordon through a friend and he informed about a product that kills viruses and bacteria on contact and continues killing for up to 90 days. I was impressed with this information and decided to give it a try. On October 29,2009 Mr. Gordon came to spray my home. I am happy to report it is now February 7,2010 and we have all been very healthy and germ free. I believe in Xmicrobe and I will continue to get my sprayed every 90 days. “IT IS WELL WORTH IT!”Thanks World Class Property Services for a healthier home.   

From Johnette Luna in Auburn, Ga